Welcome to AppSteak.com

I always wanted a place to write my blog and also implement some of my ideas.

So as I'm a software engineer, I decided to write one :)

	echo "Welcome";

Currently there is a couple of games here:

WordBox - a game where you should find words on 4x4 board, rounds are global, you can see all the player rankings in real time.

Words - a game where you create words from the letters of given word.

I plan on adding other languages, tracking players' scores, achievements. Also implementing other games (I'm thinking some board games, card games, puzzles and maybe turn-based RPG down the road). I might also use it to practice some new technologies I'll be learning.

I also plan on solving contests at codeforces.com, topcoder.com and other competitive programming platforms as well writing reviews/editorials after that (for structuring my thoughts and future reference).

Recently I added blogs functionality (for myself initially), but if you want to use it as your blog, you're welcome!

Feel free to email at info@appsteak.com with any questions or suggestions.